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* Fiber Optics planning, design, implementation and maintenance.

* Microwave planning, design and installation,

* Site build and other civil works

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Ressonance Technology is a professional, full service Telecommunications Company with extensive experience in the Cabling Industry. Providing a wide range of telecommunication sales, solutions and personnel to both government and commercial clients throughout Nigeria and west Africa Region, we pride ourselves on our reputation for quality and safety. With Offices world wide, we are never too far from our clients.


Ressonance Technology has the design, engineering and installation expertise to handle any size project for examples, ‎RNC and BNC installation *CCTV and Access Control installation * SDH and PDH * PMP‎ ( point to point and point to multi-point) radio installation. * Logistics  * supply of Telecom Equipment and materials. 

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US office: 17232 Jefferson Hwy, suite 631 Baton Rouge.  L.A ‎ 70817.
Nigeria office: 5th floor Lindev Mall, Amadu Ojikutu street off Saka Tinubu VI, Lagos Nigeria